We are delighted to welcome Ross whose enthusiasm for his subject shines through his lectures and you will come away with a deeper and more meaningful appreciation of everything there is to know about opera. As he says opera is revered as one of the highest art forms ever conceived, with its power to move us emotionally, the words and music touching us more deeply than we can explain. Here is the programme for his first series of lectures. As usual it’s on a pay-as-you-go basis, so you can come to one or all or dip in and out. Please do let us know if you’re thinking of attending so we can make sure there are enough chairs!

2nd Thursday of the month—starting 8th March 2018

10.00am — 11.45am; £7.00 per session
Put your name down in the office as space is limited


  • 8th March
    Opera’s Essential Ingredients—how does it convey emotion.
  • 12th April
    The Aria—the melodic outpouring of love, triumph, anxiety and grief.
  • 10th May
    The Duet—a bond of love or sometimes vengeance.
  • 14th June
    The Ensemble-A conflict of emotions united by the music.
  • 12th July
    The Chorus—Magnificent in all its forms.