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John Wischmeyer

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Film Club, Tuesdays

In-House 10.45am – 12.45pm (except first Tuesday of every month:12-2.00pm)

‘Contemporary Cinema: the Best Films of the year’ 

What are the best new films? Each week a different recent film on a film course timed to coincide with the wide range of films released just before Bafta/Oscar awards season. The class will give its own awards to its favourite films of the past year (you ay have a few in mind already). Every week a ‘what’s on at the cinema’ review—more timely than ever as we return to cinemas. Be a part of film history as it’s being made by studying the art, technique and style behind current releases—and compare them to past classics. Students are the critics in this forum for social networking, news, and film gossip. Enjoy wonderful films you might otherwise have missed if you weren’t on this course!

Kirsten Dunst in The Power of the Dog – just one of the many outstanding films of the past year. Here is one example: The Power of the Dog (Netflix), Jane Campion’s first film in 12 years, is worth the wait. It’s an adaptation of Thomas Savage’s novel of cruelty and bitter-sweet heartbreak in the American West. Kirsten Dunst in the best work of her rich career. Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the coiled, intelligent, raging cowboy out to destroy his brother’s happiness is transformative—I’ve never seen anything like it—and the film grows in momentum as it delves deeper into the psyche of this apparent monster

About the instructor

John Wischmeyer, The Film Club Facilitator at the Avenue Club, KewJohn Wischmeyer teaches courses on cinema at City Literary Institute in Covent Garden and at the BFI South Bank. He ran his own cinema in West London, treating it as part of the community and showing new and independent work where possible. He has been teaching since 1999. His first course was about Hitchcock’s centenary year. He continues to teach on a wide variety of subjects including Southern Gothic, Contemporary and Current Cinema, Film Noir and Neorealism, Masters of Cinema (David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, the Coen Brothers) and French New Wave.