About Us


“Embracing the Community”


The Trust aims to meet the needs of the Kew community by providing a first class venue which welcomes local people of all ages and provides facilities for recreation, classes, meeting and private functions. 

Through the Avenue Club we cater mainly for older people, aiming to combat social isolation, to enhance their quality of life and to help maintain their ability for independent living.


Chair: Sally Durant

Deputy Chair: Margaret Marshall

Treasurer: Janet Chesterton

John Armitstead, Mark Boyle, Georgy Evans, Lucinda Evans,

Shahareen Hilmy, Bernie Jackman, Rita Kamat, Rory McPherson,

Diana Ormond, Steve Robinson, Bridget Towers, Shiona Williams


Interim Chief Executive: Judi Braddock

Avenue Halls/Assistant to CEO: Vicky O’Neill

Avenue Club Manager: Lisa Gardner-McTaggart

Assistant: Caroline Hart

Assistant: Siobhan Cockrill

Site Supervisor: Patrick Boateng

Finance Manager: Bernadette Bird

Cook: Blake Borland

Cleaner: Daiva Krovikova


Avenue Club: Chair: Lisa McTaggart, Caroline Hart, Judi Braddock, Shahareen Hilmy, John Armistead and Avenue Club members

Buildings: Chair: Margaret Marshall, Steve Robinson, Judi Braddock

Finance: Chair: Janet Chesterton, Sally Durant, Mark Boyle

Personnel: Chair: Sally Durant, Shiona Williams, Diana Ormond

Trustee Recruitment: Chair: Sally Durant, Lucinda Evans, Margaret Marshall

Communications: Chair: Shiona Williams, Rita Kamat, Bridget Towers

Governance: Chair: Lucinda Evans, Janet Chesterton, Georgy Evans